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What is a Virtual Computer Lab?

A Virtual Computer Lab is a Windows computer desktop that will display on your screen and give you access to applications that you would typically use in an on-campus Notre Dame computer lab. You can access the virtual environment from any computer (Chromebook, Macs, Windows) and from any browser window. There are no minimum hardware requirements, and a VPN is not required. This desktop is for your individual use and is not shared with other students. However, it is only available when you are actively using it (i.e., you cannot always logout and return to the same virtual computer at a later time).

Can I work offline rather than be connected?

Your computer will need an internet connection in order to use a Virtual Computer Lab. To support your use of applications offline, OIT has made many software titles are available at the OIT Software Downloads page. The downloads page offers installers for iOS, Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix operating systems. To use software that isn't available for download, you will need to use a Virtual Computer Lab.

Where do I save my files while working in the Virtual Computer Lab?

All files must be saved to online file storage or they will be deleted. For instructions on connecting Google Drive, see these instructions.

If you are working with very large files or experiencing unworkable slowness, you may use the Temporary Files space on your virtual computer and upload your files before ending the session. Any files that are not uploaded will be lost. For more information on working with the Temporary Files space, see this article.

What software is available on a Virtual Computer Lab?

For a complete listing of available software, see this article.

What is not available on a Virtual Computer Lab?

Important considerations when using a Virtual Computer Lab

How to access the Virtual Computer Lab

A Virtual Computer Lab will be created for you within minutes of your request. See this article for instructions on how to access a Virtual Computer Lab.

Engineering and Science Students

Your computing team has developed some expanded instructions for your usage of Virtual Computer Labs. Please find that information on this webpage.