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What Windows software is installed in the Registrar classrooms and OIT Computer Labs?


Software in the table below is broken out by what's available on campus at OIT Computer Lab locations as well as on your machine through a Virtual Computer Lab.


Due to licensing restrictions Microsoft Office products and the Adobe Creative Cloud apps have been removed from the Virtual Lab Environment. Students are encouraged to install Office 365 on to their machines and can do so by following the directions in this knowledge article.

For Engineering and Science students visit this website

For Architecture students review this knowledge article


Software TitleVersionOn Campus

OIT Virtual Computer  Lab

(OIT General Purpose)

OIT Virtual Computer Lab

(OIT Stats/Excel)

7-Zip (64 Bit) XXX
Adobe Acrobat DC Pro X  
Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC X  
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC X  
Adobe After Effects CC 2022  
Adobe Animate CC 2022  
Adobe Audition CC 2022  
Adobe Bridge CC 2022  
Adobe Character Animator 2022  
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2021  
Adobe Illustrator CC 2022  
Adobe InCopy CC 2022  
Adobe InDesign CC 2022  
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2022  
Adobe Photoshop CC 2022  
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022  
Adobe Shockwave Player 2021  
Anaconda (Python add-on) XX 
Arch (Python add-on)  X 
Box Drive X  
CambridgeSoft ChemBioOffice2021XX 
CambridgeSoft ChemScript21.0XX 
Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client X  
Decision Tools Suite Industrial8.2X X
fbprophet (anaconda add-on) XX 
FileZilla x86 XXX
Firefox XXX
FTK Imager DBRT 228  
G*Power  X 
Google Chrome XXX
Graphical Analysis5.6.0XXX
IBM SPSS Modeler Client18.3XX 
IBM SPSS Modeler Client Premium (formerly Text Analytics)18.3XX 
IBM SPSS Statistics x6428.0.1XX 
InfraRecorder (x64 Edition) X  
Jasp  X 
Java 8 Update x64 XX 
Java 8 Update x86 XX 
Jing XX 
K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) X  
Lyx  X 
Maple (x64 Edition)2022XX 
MatLab (x64 Edition)R2022aXX 
Microsoft Access X  
Microsoft Excel 2019 X X
Microsoft Excel Powerpivot plugin X  
Microsoft OneNote 2019    
Microsoft PowerPoint X  
Microsoft Publisher X  
Microsoft Silverlight X  
Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 X  
Microsoft Visual Studio VB PowerPacks X  
Microsoft Word 2019 X  
MiKTeX Win (LaTeX)  X 
Mplus  X 
MS Office Professional Plus x642019X  
Netbeans (all)13XX 
NotePad ++ XXX
NppToR (notepad++ add-on) XX 
OpenBugs XX 
Poll Everywhere (PowerPoint add-on) XX 
pweave (Python add-on) XX 
PyCharm (Python add-on) XXX
Python (x64 Edition)3.10XX 
R for Windows4.1.3XXX
Rcommander XXX
SAS (x64 Edition)9.4X X
Skype X  
SolidWorks 2018 X  
SQL Server Management Studio XX 
Stata SE (x64 edition)17XXX
Unity  X 
VLC Media Player (x64 edition)3.0.16XX 
WinEDT  X 
WinMerge  X 
Write-N-Cite (ProQuest) x864.6.270X  
X-Windows XX 
Zotero Standalone6.0.3XX