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What options or factors can I enroll for Okta? 


You can enroll each factor and assign it to a specific device (e.g. smartphone, office phone, etc.) for each option.  Click any of the links below for instructions on enrolling that option.

We recommend you enroll at least two options. Okta will allow you to enroll several devices (e.g. Okta Verify on both a smartphone and a tablet) for each of the above options with the exception of Google Authenticator.  Enrolling a phone number will automatically be set up for either SMS or Voice Call (note that SMS and Voice options are considered less secure by industry experts and may be disabled at a future date). For general instructions on enrolling additional factors, please see How do I Add or Change What I've Enrolled in Okta?

You'll have the best experience by installing the Okta Verify app on your smartphone or tablet when two-step login is required.  Okta Verify gives you options to use even when you are not able to access wifi or cell service on that device. We recommend you install and enroll Okta Verify on all devices possible (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

We recommend you configure at least two options so that if you don't have access to one device, you can still access services by choosing an alternate factor. This is especially important before you upgrade or replace your cell phone.  

Both Okta Verify and Google Authenticator will need to be re-enrolled if you get a new device, while your phone number usually remains the same and can continue to be used when you upgrade your replace your phone.

If you will be traveling internationally, see this article for additional recommendations.