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Context: Faculty and Staff Retiring from the University - what IT services do you have access to

As a staff member retiring from the university, we will cover the major IT services and your access. Faculty who retire are treated similarly. 

What access to services will I continue to have?

For the services that are available to you, we have some recommendations as you prepare to retire from the university:


We recommend that you:


Optionally, we recommend that you discuss the below with your manager on whether these 3 items are appropriate for your situation


Google Calendar

We recommend that you:

Google Groups

We recommend that you:

Google Drive

We recommend:

Optionally, you can:

Microsoft Office

As a retiree, you will no longer be eligible for a locally installed version of Microsoft Office.  However, you will be able to use your ND Netid to login to and use the cloud version of Office 365.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The university license to install Adobe software only covers active faculty and staff.  Students and affiliates (including retirees) will need to purchase their own license or utilize the software installed in OIT Computer Labs. Note:  You can install Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files by following the instructions here.


Please note that retirees will lose access to their account once they are officially designated a retiree by the university. To request access to Box once officially designated a retiree, please contact the OIT Help Desk and we can discuss the need to continue to access Box. Work content that should be owned by the university should be transferred to current department employees as noted below before you retire from the university. Requesting access to your is not a guarantee that you will be granted access. 

We recommend that you:

Optionally, you can:


We recommend that you:


We recommend that you:


You will continue to have access to Zoom. See KB0021099 for more details.

Google account

We recommend that you:

What about my work computer(s)?

Retirees may have the option to purchase their CWP machine, following the standard guidelines. Please see this article for more information

Remove Notre Dame-licensed software from your personal computer

If you follow the above information regarding your work computer, all software will be removed from your machine if you decide to purchase your work computer. As to what software you can install as a retiree, please see this KB article and reference the middle column - Faculty & Staff Personal Purchases.

While you're at Notre Dame, a variety of licensed software is made available to you for academic/employee use. Now that you are retiring from Notre Dame, you need to remove such software from your own computer. Since these programs are licensed only for use by members of the Notre Dame community, you will no longer be eligible to have these programs installed on your computer after you leave. You DO NOT need to uninstall any software which was pre-installed on your personally-owned computer or which you purchased through the Hammes Hub.