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Download Zoom cloud recordings and upload to Panopto

Before You Begin -

All Zoom cloud recordings made on or after July 6, 2020 should automatically be copied to Panopto, deleted from Zoom, and will only be available in Panopto. Using Panopto to store and share recordings provides better security, improved sharing options, and unlimited storage. Imported Zoom recordings are private by default and will not automatically be shared with anyone.  If you cannot find your recording in Panopto, but see it in Zoom, follow the directions below to manually move the recording.

For more information regarding the Zoom and Panopto Integration, please see Accessing, Sharing, and Customizing Your Zoom Recordings in Panopto.

Login to Zoom and download Zoom cloud recordings

1. Login to the Zoom portal at

2. Navigate to the Recordings section on the left side of the screen.

3. Search for the recording you would like to download.

4. Click on the Zoom recording that you intend to upload to Panopto.

5.  Select the recording view that you would like to upload to Panopto (The recommended video file to upload into Panopto is the Shared screen with speaker view. If you would also like your transcripts associated with that video as captions in Panopto, you will need to upload that file as well. More info on uploading transcripts to Panopto can be found in KB0021658 - Upload captions to Panopto).

6.  Once you have opened the recording view, you can preview the recording, and select the Download button when you are ready.

7. The files will now download to your local computer.

8. Repeat if you’d like to download more than one recording event.

Login to Panopto to upload recording files

8. Login to Panopto at

9. At the top of the page, click the Create dropdown button and select Upload Media.

10. Click the Dropdown menu to select the Panopto folder you wish to upload to.

11. Click on Choose video or audio files and navigate to the file you’d like to upload.

12. Your upload will begin and depending upon the size of the file, will be ready in Panopto soon.

If you would like to change the name of your recording in Panopto after you've uploaded it, you can find instructions in KB0021648 - Change name of recording in Panopto.