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I want to integrate audio/visual technologies into my curriculum or a class project, and I do not have the equipment to do so. Where can I borrow AV equipment, and obtain assistance in understanding how to use it?


Audio Video Checkout offers a variety of equipment for your technological needs, such as video cameras, audio recorders, portable speakers and much more for your class projects, lectures, or events.

All equipment listed in this article is available for loan at the OIT Help Desk in 115 DeBartolo Hall. The equipment is checked out on a "first come, first served" basis. No reservations will be accepted. In order to check devices out, the student or faculty must present a valid Notre Dame photo ID during business hours. Equipment can not be checked out by an affiliate or guest.

Equipment loans are usually either a two hour or a five day loan and may be renewed one time. To renew, please return to 115 DeBartolo with your Notre Dame photo ID. You do not need to bring the equipment with you to renew the loan. If you wish to keep the piece of equipment for a longer period of time, such as for a semester, you can ask us if that is possible when leasing out the device(s).

Note: If the equipment you need is not available at the OIT Help Desk the following options may be helpful to you:

  • Hesburgh Library has some equipment available for check-out.  You can find more information at Library Technology Lending.
  • EventSys is also available to assist you in renting the equipment you need for a nominal fee. Email to or call 574-631-6423 for additional information.


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