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When accessing ND services from a remote location, how do I know if I need a VPN connection?


Many services require a VPN connection when being accessed from remote or less-secure network connections; while not an exhaustive list, the table at the end of this article lists the most common services that require a VPN connection. The following considerations may help:

For instructions on connecting to the VPN, visit Connecting to the VPN - Cisco Secure Client.


Some common services that require a VPN connection:

Service NameAlias or Common Name
Advising KioskA&L Advising Kiosk, MCoB Advising Kiosk
AiMAssetworks, FMS
Applications Load to BannerDataTransfer (DT6) Nolij
Banner 9Banner INB
Benefactor Event Activity TrackingBEAT
Budget Entity Generator 
Building Automation Server - SmartStruxureSmartStruxure
Building Automation Server-NiagaraNiagara BAS
Business ObjectsSAP Business Objects; BusObj
Business Objects - Office of Research/HRwebi, OR, 3.1, deski
Capital Project Tracking SharePointCapital Project Tracking
CatDV Asset ManagementCatDV
Center for Social Concerns Donor Record TrackingCSC Donor Database
Cisco Contact CenterACD, Finesse, Automatic Call Distribution, UCCX
Cold Fusion Web ServicesWeb Services
Community EngagementEngageND
CorpFS Secured File StorageCorpFS
Course Instructor FeedbackCIF
Course Instructor Feedback Pre-AdministrationCIFPA, CIF Pre-Admin
Donor 1099 Tax StatementsMauiSoft
eBillNelnet Banner Connector, Nelnet Real-Time Banner Integration
EDE Suspended Record MatchingFAFSA Audits, Suspense Match
EMS Desktop Client 
EMS Web Client ( 
Enterprise GISInvision
Facilities and Administrative Rate CalculatorMaximus CRIS
Faculty History 
Faculty Profile 
Financial Toolkit Journal Vouchers and DepositsFinancial Toolkit Online JV, Online JV, Online Dep
Financial Toolkit Labor Distribution ChangeFinancial Toolkit Labor Distribution, LDC
Financial Toolkit Payment ProcessingFinancial Toolkit Payment Processing
FOP Access LookupCOA (Finance) Access Lookup, coaaccesslookup
ID Card Building AccessLenel
IPPA / TalkMaster ConsoleIPPA
Irish1Card AdminNon-Banner Patron App, PIN email notification
Key Systems Security Asset ManagementKeyKeeper
ND RenewCareer Stream
Non-Resident Payroll Tax Tracking SystemWindstar, Tax Navigator
OIT EMPFIN Master Software Inventory ListEmployee Finance Master Software Inventory
OnBaseHyland Software
Personnel Actions 
PL/SQL Developer 
PrintND Student Managed PrintingPharos Printing
PZAEXCP - Affiliate ExceptionsAffiliate Exceptions
PZASUPP - Tuition Benefit and Group Life, Pension & Travel Benefit 
RecSports Fusion (admin access for RecSports staff)RecFusion, Fusion, RecSports
Remote App - AWS with MFARemote App, RDP
Sakai Super Section ManagerSakaiNet
Salient SystemsCompleteView
Security ParkingBossCars, iNDCars
SharePoint PlatformSharePoint
Software Key Server 
Spillman Flex CAD/RMSSpillman, Flex, CAD
St. Michael's Laundry - ABSABS
St. Michael's Laundry - SPOTSPOT
Stewardship Cold Fusion 
Stewardship Endowment Reporting 
Table Maintenance 
Unitized Pool Management SystemUPMS
VoIP Voice MailUnity Connection
Xtender Import DesktopXtender