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2.0 - Updated on 2021-08-16 by Denise Moser

1.0 - Authored on 2015-07-17 by Chelsea Noble

Registering your NDID Card

Most NDID Cards will be automatically populated into the PrintND system so that you can use them for logging into the release stations. However, if for some reason, your card was not prepopulated, you can register it yourself.

  1. Tap your ND ID Card on the card reader
  2. Enter your NetID on keypad when prompted, and press Enter on the keypad.
    • Note: Do NOT enter
  3. Enter your NetID password on keypad when prompted, and press Enter on keypad.
  4. Log out.

How to Print

  1. Connect to the wired campus network, eduroam, or to the VPN to print.
  2. Install the PrintND drivers, if you have not already.
  3. When you print a job, select All ND BW (black and white or greyscale) or All ND Color.
  4. Enter your netID when prompted

    Alternatively, try our Mobile Printing. Mobile printing does not require a VPN connection.

  5. Depending on your computer, you may get a small information bubble telling you how many points your job will deduct from your quota.  Quota is NOT deducted until you release the job at a Pharos printer station, however.
  6. Locate a color or black and white printer in one of many campus locations
  7. Tap your ND ID Card on the card reader to login.
  8. Keypad will display your current PrintND account info. Press OK on keypad.
  9. Select Print Release on printer options list.
  10. Keypad will display your individual print queue.
  11. Select the document(s) that you wish to print.
  12. Select Print on keypad.

Note: Printer drivers for unsupported operating systems or for mobile devices are not available. However, you should be able to store your document in Box, or Google Drive, and then access it from a Lab computer for printing.