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Gathering Socially over Zoom

When we can't be together in person, Zoom can help facilitate remote social activities.  Below are some ideas and pointers if you would like to host such a gathering.


The OIT supports Zoom, but not most of the socially-focused software and activities linked below, nor does the university endorse them.  To see what software is approved for installation on university-owned computers, check the campus software spreadsheet.  If you have questions about whether an activity is appropriate for ND's network or Zoom instance, check the Responsible Use Policy.  An additional article on how the Responsible Use Policy pertains to personal or social use is here.

Many of the suggestions below have not been fully vetted.  Please use them at your own risk, and especially be alert to clicking on ads, which may be lead to less reputable places.  In the interest of well-being and community, and with full faith in the judgement of our Notre Dame family, we are presenting these suggestions despite the small risks.

Zoom Gathering Suggestions

Technology Considerations

A training recording previously offered on this topic can be found here.