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Can I update to macOS Big Sur (Version 11)?




The OIT has tested Apple’s macOS Big Sur (Version 11) and approves updating at this time. Please see the list below for outstanding issues to take into consideration before updating.

Before any major operating system update, consulting with your local desktop support team is encouraged as well as setting aside ample time to perform the update.   Always make sure to create a backup of your important data prior to any update. To learn how to backup your Mac, please see this article. Your Mac also has built in backup software called Time Machine. Click here for more information.

Known issues with macOS Big Sur: 

  • An issue that causes certain MacBook Pro models to become completely unusable, specifically late 2013 and mid 2014 13-inch MacBook Pro models.  For more information, please see this support document from Apple.
  • Issues running Box Sync Client
  • PrintND has been updated and now works with Big Sur. Reinstall your PrintND software to get the update. If you experience trouble, you can still print using the PrintND web site using this guide.  
  • Printer Logic has a new client for Big Sur, and printers can now be installed via Printer Logic.
  • Canon drivers are now available for Big Sur.
  • Issues installing and using SPSS
  • For VPN access, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client version 4.9 is recommended. Older versions of the VPN client may not work.  Please visit the OIT Software Downloads page for the latest version of the VPN client.  For more information on how AnyConnect works in Big Sur, please see this article.  
  • Incompatibility with plugins required to run INB Banner 8.


  • macOS 11 Big Sur is not compatible with any 32-Bit applications. This includes older versions of Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. You may need to purchase newer versions of some software applications after upgrading to Big Sur. To determine if you have any 32-bit applications installed, please see KB0018154.
  • Big Sur may ask for certain privacy permissions (such as cameras, folders, etc.) before using an application, such as Zoom.  Please see this article for more information on the proper privacy settings for Zoom.  For an overview on macOS privacy settings, click here to visit Apple's support site.  
  • With the release of macOS Big Sur, Apple has introduced support for their latest M1 processor.  If you are using a newer Mac with the M1 processor, there may be certain compatibility issues with applications written only for Intel/x86 processors, including the inability to remotely manage university owned machines.  The OIT does not officially support M1 Macs at this time.  To learn more about the M1, please visit Apple's website.   

For more information on macOS Big Sur, including a list of compatible Macs, please visit

Testing of applications can also be found at