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The OIT Help Desk staff can resolve most support questions or issues without face-to-face contact.  

You can reach us at: 

However, if you need an in-person visit, our walk-in center in 115 DeBartolo Hall will be using a sign in process to help manage our queue and prevent crowding at our counter.  Note:  Be sure to bring your ND ID card, as it may be required for entry to the building, particularly outside normal business hours.

During Help Desk business hours you can use the tablet available outside our door to add your name to the queue. 


Alternatively, you can use your own device, and access the tool via the self-service portal.  When using the portal you can add your name to the queue, OR select a specific date and time for an appointment.

We have a computer monitor in the window which you'll be able to see from outside our door showing how many are waiting in queue and what your position is.  If there are several ahead of you, you can leave the immediate area and we'll send you an email when you are next in line so you can make your way back to our door.  An agent will then greet you at our door when it is your turn.