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To support increased use of WiFi, the wireless network infrastructure in some academic buildings has been upgraded. Buildings that have not been upgraded may not support increased usage.

To ensure that you have the most reliable classroom technology experience, the OIT recommends that you avoid having all in-person students use the WiFi network differently than they have in previous semesters, such as doing high bandwidth activities in class (streaming audio, streaming videos, Zoom, FaceTime, etc.). WiFi speeds and coverage may vary across different campus buildings and within buildings. The lectern computer in a classroom uses a wired connection and will provide the fastest, most reliable connection. 


Biolchini Hall X*
Bond HallX 
Carole Sandner Hall X
Coleman-Morse Center X
Corbett Family HallX 
Crowley HallX 
Cushing Hall of EngineeringX 
DeBartolo HallX 
DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
(Not including performance auditoriums)
Decio Faculty Hall X
Eck Hall of Law X*
Eck Visitor Center X
Fitzpatrick Hall of EngineeringX 
Flanner X
Galvin Life Sciences Center X
Geddes Hall X
Grace HallX 
Haggar Hall X
Harper Hall X
Hayes-Healy CenterX 
Hesburgh Center for International Studies X
Hesburgh Library X
Hessert Aerospace Research Center X
Hurley HallX 
Jenkins HallX 
Jordan Hall of Science X
Joyce ACC X
Main Building X
Maintenance Center X
Malloy Hall X
McCourtney HallX 
Mendoza College of Business X
Morris Inn X
Multidisciplinary Research Building X
Nanovic HallX 
Nieuwland Science HallX 
O’Neil Music HallX 
O'Shaughnessy Hall X
Pasquerilla Center X
Raclin-Carmichael Hall X
Reyniers Life Annex X
Reyniers Life BuildingX 
Ricci Band Building X
Riley Hall of Art and Design X
Sara Bea Learning Center X
Snite Museum of Art X
South Dining HallX 
Stayer Center for Executive Education X
Stepan Center X
Stephan Chemistry Hall X
Stinson-Remick Hall X
Visitation Hall X
Walsh Family HallX 
Washington Hall X
West Lake Hall X

*Original design but have had limited improvements to resolve known coverage issues.