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What can I do with Google Chat?

Google Chat is the recommended Chat (messaging) app for the university. It comes standard with all university Google accounts. 

With Google Chat, you can:

There are 4 ways you can interact with Google Chat:

  1. Use Chat on the web. In Chrome, open a new tab and enter:  You may have to log in to your ND account
  2. Within Gmail, you can enable Chat so that it appears in the left-pane of Gmail on the web. Gear icon > Settings > Chat tab. See this Google article on using Chat within Gmail
  3. Install the standalone app on your machine. See this Google link for instructions
  4. Install the app for your mobile device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store 

App icon for mobile devices:

Within Gmail - Ability to Hide Chat from the left pane

Known issues with the Chat standalone app

Chat History

Chat Notifications

Inviting People outside to Chat

There are several limitations and information about this ability so it is best to review this support page from Google as these items may change over time. A few other highlights:

What about Google Hangouts?

Google has rebranded Hangouts Chat to Classic Hangouts and will retire the service in late 2022. Please note, Google is retiring the Hangouts chat/messaging service not the video conferencing service known as Google Meet

For more on Google Hangouts including information on what Hangouts history will be copied/migrated to Google Chat, please see this article

What about my standalone Hangouts Window? 

This will go away as we will do this cutover. For similar functionality within Google Chat, install the Google Chat standalone app. This will install on your desktop and when you work with Chat this way, it opens a separate window from your browser. See this Google link for the install instructions

Hangouts to Chat Transition - Known limitations

What about Slack?

Slack is not an enterprise service here at Notre Dame which means we have not completed a security review nor have a signed agreement for all faculty/staff with Slack. We have several groups and departments using Slack as a paid service as well as many people using Slack with free accounts. While we cannot stop people from using Slack, this is not a supported service nor can we help should any issues arise with regards to licensing and/or security issues. Until, and if, we review Slack for campus use, you are taking the risk of using this service with your Notre Dame account.