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3.0 - Updated on 2023-11-17 by John Kelly

2.0 - Updated on 2022-11-01 by Denise Moser

1.0 - Authored on 2019-07-23 by John Kelly

FAQs: Manage Groups Using New ServiceNow Tool


Q) How do I manage my groups in the new ServiceNow tool?

A) See instructions on how to manage your groups in the new ServiceNow tool.


Q) How soon will changes take place after adding/removing a member to/from a group?

A) Changes made will take effect almost immediately after submitting the request. If your ServiceNow group is configured to publish to Google Groups, the change takes about 6 hours.


Q) Can I see all the groups a particular user is in?

A)Yes. Use the Search Access Group Membership form in the ServiceNow Manage Access Group tools.


Q) How do I make many changes to membership?

A) You can add or delete multiple people from a group by typing multiple names into the form and sequentially selecting multiple people. There is no import/export function.


A) How do I add a new group?

A) Like today, depends on what type of group you need to create.


Q) How do I change who is a manager of a ServiceNow group?

A) Please complete this form.


Q) How do I manage nested groups in the ServiceNow form?

A) Please submit a request to the OIT Help Desk at


Q) How do I add a department account to a ServiceNow group?

A) Please submit a request to the OIT Help Desk at


Q) What is the difference between a Google Group and a Group managed in

A) If your group is associated with a mailing list, it will be managed using Google. If your group grants permission or rights to access a resource, you will use the new ServiceNow form. If your group is for both, it will be managed using the ServiceNow form.


Q) How can I tell if a group I manage is an Active Directory (AD) group or Google group?

A) If you use a group so that people can access something (e.g. an application, an admin page, a website), then it is an AD group and you will use ServiceNow to manage that group.

If the group is used to email people, then you will use Google Groups to manage that group.


Q) If I use Active Directory to manage groups, should I use the ServiceNow tool?

A) You can use either system and the changes will sync with each other.


If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111, or chat online at: