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Lucidchart Access and Licensing

Lucidchart is a cloud-based software product that facilitates the creation of diagrams, flowcharts, process maps, organization charts, and other aids for visual communication and collaboration.

Lucidchart, once free for use in Higher Ed, is now a pay-for-use service. The license structure includes two options within the domain:

Education Free (free license) - Create, Edit, and View existing charts (up to 3 documents)

An Education Free license allows only Create, Edit, and View rights for up to 3 documents and is limited to 60 objects per chart including shapes and lines. Anything above 3 requires a Premium License.  

Education Premium (paid license)  - Create, Edit, and View charts

With a Premium license, a user may create and edit Lucidchart content and can create unlimited charts. Premium license holders have access to a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and to dedicated technical support from Lucid.

Beginning June 1, 2020, all users were migrated to the Education Free (free license) model.

Faculty and Staff

Purchase a Premium license can be acquired for $50 per user, renewable annually on May 1.

OIT will administer licensing for Lucidchart via its Central Software Service. Those seeking a Premium license will complete the request form in Service Now. A FOAPAL is required for license acquisition.  The process may take several hours to complete once the request is processed.

I need to use Lucidchart for a course I am teaching.  How do I obtain licenses for myself and my students?

The instructor or instructor’s representative can submit the request form in Service Now and Premium licenses will be issued. 

I already have a Premium License what do I do?

Users who have already purchased a premium license will retain their privileges. Should a user want to leverage the competitive pricing negotiated by the University, they will need to complete the request form in Service Now. A FOAPAL is required for license acquisition.  All documents that were created under the individual Premium License will be retained. Annual Premium Licenses managed through Central Software Services renew annually on May 1.
Dropping the Premium License and/or separating from the University

I am requesting to have my Premium License removed and/or the user has separated from the University

Users who requested the premium license be removed should ensure their charts as saved to their personal LucidChart folder located the LucidChart folder in their Google Drive. The LucidChart administrator can then remove their license manually. 

Users who are separated from the University will have a case automatically routed to the LucidChart Administrator.  If a premium license is identified, the admin will contact the original requestor to inquire about what account the files should be transferred to upon deletion of the premium account. 

Students Personal Use

Students who require a Premium License for personal use will need to purchase a license through the Lucidchart Individual Account Purchase site.