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Context: Using Box service from your desktop via the Box streaming app, Box Drive

Box Drive brings your entire Box folder tree to your desktop. All the files you have access to on Box will be accessible from your desktop Box folder via either Windows Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). With Box Drive, all the content you see in your Box folder is actually stored in the cloud (not on your machine). You can find any file in your Box folder, edit like you would any local file, and when you save, it saves automatically to the cloud.

As part of the Box Drive installation, Box will uninstall Box Sync. You want to do the uninstall. You cannot use both Box Drive and Box Sync on the same machine at the same time; they do not work well together.

To install Box Drive:

  1. Click here to install. Note that you will be taken to a Box web page.
  2. You will want to download the file. Once downloaded, click to install the file
    1. Be sure to enter your at the first login screen (leave the password field blank) to be re-directed to ND's Okta page
  3. If you have Box Sync installed, installing Box Drive will take you through the steps to uninstall Box Sync first. You can review this Box page to learn more

For the basics on working with Box Drive, please see this article from Box

If you prefer, you can uninstall Box sync yourself. 

To uninstall Box Sync Manually:

  1. Click the b icon in the Menu bar (Mac) or System Tray (Windows) and Quit the Box Sync application
    1. If you have files that still need to sync, let sync finish before you Quit or you may lose your work. The same applies for files that have sync issues/errors - fix the issues before you quit
  2. Uninstall Box Sync by following these instructions from Box
  3. Reboot your machine
  4. Install the Box Drive app