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The Notre Dame Administrative Calendar only includes holidays as determined by Human Resources policy.  If you would like the Notre Dame Academic Calendar, it can be downloaded from the Office of the Registrar's Website

We offer two options to put the Notre Dame Administrative Calendar in your Google Calendar.

Option 1

If you would like to have a calendar where you can turn the display on or off:

  1. Go to your Google Calendar
  2. On the left-hand pane, for Other calendars, click the + icon and select Subscribe to calendar
  3. In the Add Calendar box, paste in this address:
  4. After pasting the address, be sure to hit the return key
  5. On the left, you should see the Settings for the ND Administrative Calendar
  6. Click the left arrow key in the upper left to return to your Calendar
  7. The calendar will appear, listed under Other Calendars as ND Administrative Calendar

Note: If you have previously subscribed to the ND Administrative Calendar, you do not need to subscribe again. The new holidays will automatically appear each year in late October/early November. If the ND Administrative Calendar is not displayed, make sure the box to the left of it is checked. If it isn't, click the box to display the ND Administrative Calendar in the Other Calendars section.

Option 2

If you would like to import the events of the calendar into your personal calendar or a calendar you manage:
  1. Download the attached .ics file (file is at the bottom)
  2. Go to this URL after signing into Google:
  3. Click on Select file from your computer gray box  
  4. Locate the file you downloaded in step one and click Open
  5. Choose the calendar where you want to import the events in the Add to calendar drop-down menu
  6. Click Import
  7. Click Close
  • The calendar is updated for the following calendar year in the October/November timeframe.
  • Please notify the OIT Help Desk ( if you find an inaccuracy.
Attachments 2023 Administrative Calendar_c_3cbbeed441569e2b529c94804fea014e4a5c1b26d937132da41f35c821162a82@.ics