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If your account is one that would be automatically created by Human Resources, the Registrar, Admissions, or through the Provost's Office (these include regular student, faculty, and staff accounts), you do not need to fill out this form. If the individual is a consultant, affiliate staff, etc. a NetID must be requested by two Sponsors (full-time faculty or staff, not graduate students or affiliates).  Note that the person who submits the request is required to acknowledge the responsibility for oversight of the individuals' use of Notre Dame resources in accordance with the expectations outlined in the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

The Sponsor must complete the Affiliate Access Request Form. For audit purposes and consistency in processing these requests, we can not accept alternate methods for submitting the required information.


  • Incomplete or inaccurate information on the Affiliate Access Request Form may result in cancellation or significant delays in the creation of a requested NetID.
  • Current faculty and staff cannot be a sponsor of a spouse or immediate family member. (Contact Human Resources for information on an ID card for a spouse)
  • A current faculty or staff who will be leaving the university is NOT authorized to submit this form on their own behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between general access and department access?

A) General access provides ND email, file storage, ability to login onto ND computers and printing to ND resources for the affiliate. Department access provides additional access to specific department IT resources such as a shared drive, database or other unique systems. A local IT resource creates this access.

Does an affiliate have the same access to ND services that an employee or student has?

A) No. An affiliate will have access to many services, including Gmail and Google Apps, InsideND and Zoom. However, they would not have access to applications that are specifically licensed or configured for employees and students such as Endeavor, Adobe, Canvas, Pay Information etc.  

If an individual already has an active NetID and affiliation of faculty, staff or student, it is important that the affiliation remain unchanged until they have completed all employee responsibilities or coursework.  If they are scheduled to separate from the university, but need ongoing access to basic services (e.g. Gmail and Google Apps) to complete work, a sponsor (e.g. supervisor or adviser) can submit the affiliate NetID request form.  Care should be taken that the start date of the affiliate account is on or after the date they are to separate from the university.  

Does an affiliate NetID receive a university ID card (Irish1card)?

A) No, it does not. For information on obtaining a Guest ID card, please visit the Irish1Card website.

If I am currently a sponsor for an affiliate, will I get a reminder when the access is expiring? Will I have to enter the non-employee information into a ServiceNow request?

A) You will receive a message regarding any expiration of an Affiliate NetID you have sponsored. You will need to submit a new request in ServiceNow in order to request that access be extended, ideally using the link in that email.

What are my responsibilities as a sponsor of an affiliate?

A) When you submit the request form, you are agreeing to the following:

As a Sponsor of a non-employee being provided a netID, I understand and acknowledge the responsibility for oversight of the non-employees use of Notre Dame resources in accordance with the expectations outlined in the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

If any access to department-specific resources is given to the non-employee, I will inform the data steward/owner of the technology system if I am not in that role.

In the event I change roles or leave the University, I will contact the designated secondary sponsor to update the ServiceNow request record.

What information is required on the request form?

A) You will need to provide details about the individual that needs access, such as their name, date of birth and the nature of their affiliation, and the reason they need NetID access. If they have previously had a NetID, you'll need to provide their ndID#. If that is not available, or they have never had a NetID before, you will need to provide the last 4 digits of their SSN. This information will be part of their permanent record in ND administrative systems. All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Note: As a sponsor, it is YOUR responsibility to keep a record of the identifying information (NetID, ndID#, etc.) about the individual to enable you to request extension or removal of access.

Does my local departmental IT group have to approve department-specific access?

A) Your local departmental IT resource has the ability to provide access. They can help you evaluate what is necessary. However, they do not serve in an approval role.


Note: The Affiliate Access Request Form can only be submitted by active faculty or staff. If there is no one in your department/group who is a current ND employee, contact askHR (574-631-5900) to discuss options.